Slovakia wants to create a ethnic- based archive

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Tomorrow, 27th of January it will be the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, all over around the world, various events have taken place where the message was the same: don’t forget to not let it happen again.

But the reality is that today, the year 2018, a country member of the European Union, Slovakia, has prepared a law proposal which establishes: the creation of an ethnic-based archive, citizen patrols, restriction to the freedom of residence for certain ethnic groups.

Does it rings a bell?

If we have arrived at the point which a member of the European Union can, and do a so open racist law proposal, it means that we are on a crossroad and we can’t afford to take again the wrong path.

We demand to the Union to act immediately to stop Slovakia before this law proposal became effective. But, we can’t only rely on the public institutions to stop racism, we, the civil society, must act against this kind of actions.It’s no mystery that far-right movements, with their hateful discourse, are raising all around Europe, as well we are witnessing the transformation of the social networks in propaganda machines of hate and racism.

We can’t afford to wait more, it’s time to act. We can’t just remember the past, it’s time to face the present in which we are living.

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