The Thirsty wolves on the forest (Holocaust)

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During the Second War millions of Rroma and Jews people were mistreated and killed. The Nazis wanted to kill people without leaving any trace. Therefore, they began their extermination through mass poisoning in gas chambers in most of the concentration camps. The inanimate bodies were thrown into high-temperature furnaces to eradicate any traces.

They used different horrible method to extermination the people in different comps.

The first Nazi concentration camp was opened in March 1933 in Germany.

The Auschwitz-Birkenau camp has been the most important Nazi death camp in Poland.

On the 2 of August occurred the Samudaripen, the great killing, of the Romani prisoners of the “Gypsy camp” in Auschwitz-Birkenau. It is estimated that around the 80% of the existing Rromani population at that time has been assassinated during the Holocaust.

To forget the Holocaust is to kill twice! (Elie Wiesel)

¨ To explore the forest is like to walk in the darkness. Along the way, you will not find anything that will be with you¨.

We packed our staffs and we got to the train. ¨We are going to do a beautiful trip¨ – It was heard somewhere there. I saw some guys with gloomy faces, they had guns in their arms. The trip starts … it was quite inside of the train. I saw worry and scary faces. The train seemed strange to me. I couldn’t see anything from the small windows. But I saw my parents forced smiles.

It was long trip …

You are going to face with the tranquility even we have birds around, with the fear, where we are going and what will happen. Sometimes we have rest.

We arrived at our destination. It was a cold place, without any tree, any flowers, any birds there. What was that place? It had big and empty buildings. Everywhere there were thorn wire. When we got off from the train, I saw only soldiers, no one else.  They were shouting and pushing us like animals. They took our staffs too. The rooms were small with wooden beds.  Then I thought – ¨ What is happening here¨?  I felt fear.  They separated us from our parents.  They cut off our hairs, and gave to us clothes with zebra stripes.  We were forced to work with empty stomach.  

Some of the other prisoners were very sick but again they keep working.  They were so tired that their legs did not hold. I saw only my mom; I didn’t know where my dad was.  No one spoke about them. Soldiers, everywhere soldiers.  All the days were the same…. Among the extraordinary pain and the opportunity to feel the human presence.

 Even when we were hungry, tired and scare, we sang:  our beautiful songs could change the atmosphere.

Aušvicate hin kher báro
Odoj bešel mro piráno
Bešel, bešel gondoliňel
Te pre mande pobisterel.

O tu kalo čirikloro
Lidža mange mro liloro
Lidža, lidža mra romňake
Hoj som phandlo Aušvicate

Ausvičate báre bokha
Te so te chal amen nane
Ani oda koter maro
Le o blocharis bibachtalo.

Joj sar me jekhvar khere džava
Le blocharis murdarava.
Joj sar me jekhvar khere džava
Le blocharis murdarava

In Auschwitz there is a great house 
And there my husband is imprisoned 
He sits and sits and laments 
And thinks about me 

Oh, you black bird! 
Carry my letter! 
Carry it to my wife 
For I am jailed in Auschwitz 

In Auschwitz there is great hunger 
And we have nothing to eat 
Not even a piece of bread 
And the block guard is bad

If I even come back home
I’ll kill the block guard
If I even come back home
I’ll kill the block guard.

To survive against the wolves and hyenas is difficult, they are a lot. Really thirsty and hungry. They do not think even for the children´s. Every day was worse and worse. Some of us died and some were killed. 

Every morning, when I got up, I saw fewer people in the camp. 

Where are they?  What happens to them?  Questions without any answer were surrounding me.  Long days, without any hope.  Tired faces, dead bodies even though they are standing.  Any breath only scared heartbeats. 

One night was very long, the sky was really dark, no lights, wild night. People trying to hide them self everywhere, crying, screaming.  I heard strong and frequently noises; they were guns ….  all of them left I didn’t know where….

And then some of us touch the ended of the forest.  They were very few, to see the light of the sun.

The morning came, an empty morning.  The sky was different… no noises … no gloomy faces, only a bit of hope that I didn’t felt for a long time.  Few people, no more soldiers.  I saw some grin things that were flying. I thought they were snowflakes but no….

The thirsty forest, The hell on the earth! ¨

The hope reborn; The flowers again bloomed! ¨

This article has been written by our ESC volunteer Marinela.

ESC project number: 2018-1-ES02-ESC11-012582

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