This is why you should be a volunteer!

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I don’t want to write cliches. I’d rather write about it than why I am a volunteer, what challenges I have, and what I have received so far from this whole experience. I would like to start writing about how this opportunity came to me. I think I’m a lucky person because my ex-mentor from Hungary works for an organization which deal with volunteer projects, so it was easy for me to be a volunteer as well.

At work!FAGIC

I had a lot of doubts and fears about it, but st the same time I was excited. I was afraid because I do not speak any language other than Hungarian, and I was afraid of loneliness because I came alone. I told myself: “This is the greatest opportunity of your life and the biggest challenge as well. If you go through it, thereafter there will be any challenge you can’t overcome”.

I arrived in Barcelona on September 4th. Every aspect of my life is a challenge for me.

The shopping, the hairdressing salon, communication with the FAGIC’s team. I have to say, that I enjoy every minute of it because I am always evolving a bit and I get a chance for self-knowledge. If a situation is successful after I feeling satisfied and pride that I could do it.

As time goes, I am moving slowly but surely! I am preparing for university exams, I am studying two languages at the same time and in more and more areas of life, I feel confident.

So, forget your excuses!

Didn’t you speak a foreign language and you would?

Afraid of loneliness?

Do you want to improve?

Join and be a volunteer.

This article has been written by our ESC volunteer.

ESC project number: 2018-1-ES02-ESC11-012582

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