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Our team is made by the Directive Board, which represents the member associations, and by a staff of 40 people from different academic background.

We are people compromised with the Roma community, the human rights and the social change. The staff is distributed among the head office in Barcelona and the associations offices, who together with volunteers, students and trainees are the engine of FAGiC.




The General Assembly is made up of the representatives of the member associations. It is the supreme body of the Federation and its functions are: establish the strategy and goals, approve the new memberships and elect the directive board.


The Directive Board is responsable for  directing the Federation during its 4 year mandate and it represents FAGiC before the member associations and the public institutions.

The Board reports to the Assembly the annual expenses (the annual financial statements), the budget for the further years, the summary of the projects developed during the year and also the presentation of new project proposals. You can consult the composition of the Directive Board here.


FAGiC is made up of 96 Roma associations from all over Catalonia. The member associations develop their projects and FAGiC gives them support and promotes their activities.


The Council of Elders is an independent body which advises Roma associations and individuals when it’s necessary to resolve a conflict within the community by reaching an agreement.


We firmly believe in the strength of our work with other Roma and non-Roma entities, neighborhood associations, public administrations, companies and collaborators.