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The programs and activities of the FAGIC are financed mainly through subsidies or collaboration agreements with the different public administrations. However, it is also possible to contribute by making a donation to this account number:

“The Caixa”

2100 0854 19 0200244336

Thanks to your donation we will be able to develop more effectively the different programs and activities that the FAGIC has in place:


Partnership Program

From the FAGIC we provide advice for the creation of new Roma organizations in Catalonia, for the processing of grants and subsidies that exist at regional, local and public and private institutions, as well as for the management of documentation and various procedures.

Promotion of Roma Women

The objective of the women’s promotion program is to train, advise, guide, accompany and care for Roma women of all ages, in the areas of concern and concern: housing, work, education and health. The activities, days, workshops and talks are aimed at overcoming barriers that impede equal opportunities and support the social participation of Roma women.

Promotion of Roma Youth

The FAGIC youth area wants to contribute by supporting the Roma youth through various actions: promoting youth associations, promoting Roma youth within Catalan society, supporting culture and art, advising and guiding young people in relation With training, housing, health and / or the world of work.

FAGIC Cultural Conferences

With the intention of avoiding distrust and xenophobic and discriminatory attitudes toward the Roma people, one of the FAGIC’s priority objectives is to make Roma culture known. The activity consists of the annual realization of a conference designed to discuss and provide information about Roma culture, as well as the experiences of work carried out and / or being carried out with the group.

Program of social attention to the Roma community

The FAGIC acts as interlocutor between the Central Administration and the different federated Catalan Roma associations that carry out projects of social insertion and labor insertion. In addition to participating in the State Council of the Roma People, the FAGIC manages the aids and subsidies for the realization of social programs.

The programs we currently carry out are two:

• Social Inclusion Program of the Roma People

• Roma People’s Work Placement Program