Arrival training

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Last week I attended the arrival training for ESC volunteers in Girona. This camp was a must. I think it served more purposes, for example, more knowledge about volunteering and Erasmus, who can take advantage of this, how long it takes, and finally in which country you can do it.

 To be honest, I was very scared of this camp. I was afraid that I will not be able to make friends, due to lack of language skills, that I will be lonely. I hoped that I would not be the only Hungarian volunteer. But that was not the case, I was the only Hungarian volunteer!

 By the time I arrived at the hostel, there were already two groups. On of the trainers received us and told us what and where we will meet.

 There were not many many programs that night. We went out for a drink with the rest of us and then had a class. This group session did not last long. We introduced each other, whose name, where they came from and what they were doing as volunteers. There were Italian, Polish, German, Russian, French and I from Hungary. I don’t remember exactly the sequence of the events, but I try to list them: there was a historical overview of Spain and Catalonia and a lot of group and individual tasks.

I laughed a lot, I tried to talk and make friends. The difference in languages made communication very difficult sometimes… All in all, I am very proud to have gone and made friends. Also, I learnt that a lack of language skills should not be an obstacle for anything!

This article has been written by our ESC volunteer Orbán.

ESC project number: 2018-1-ES02-ESC11-012582

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