International Roma Language Day

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On Monday, we Roma celebrate the International Roma Language Day.

This was very surprising to me because I didn’t know there was such a celebration! It was interesting for me to see how this day is celebrated in Barcelona. The FAGiC organize a workshop at the library “Casa del Llibre” – a huge library in the city centre.

I didn’t understand much because I don’t speak very well in Spanish yet. What I picked up in this regard was through situations and body language. A Roma woman from Albania, Enerida made a presentation about the Roma language and told us a bit about the history of the language, how it changed in every country.

During her presentation, we saw a video about Roma in different countries comparing how to pronounce a word in romanó. Parts of the body, numbers… it was very surprising to me that there was little or no difference in pronunciation between the Roma languages ​​spoken in two different countries.


Unfortunately, I don’t personally speak romanó. My parents didn’t think it was important to teach me the language. My parents, grandparents and older relatives all speak the language, for example, when we went to visit my grandmother and they want to talk about something that the kids didn’t know and shouldn’t know, they spoke between them in romanó!

For the future, it is one of my plans to learn romanó because I want to speak my own ethnic language, thereby gaining an even stronger Roma identity.

This article has been written by our ESC volunteer Orbán.

ESC project number: 2018-1-ES02-ESC11-012582

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