Archivos Mensuales: octubre 2019

Arrival training

Last week I attended the arrival training for ESC volunteers in Girona. This camp was a must. I think it served more purposes, for example, more knowledge about volunteering and Erasmus, who can take advantage of this, how long it takes, and finally in which country you can do it.  To be honest, I was […]

¡Se buscan voluntari@s!

Estamos buscando dos voluntari@s para un proyecto EVS en Hungría con la asociación Co-Efficient (Együttható Egyesület). La organización Co-Efficient (Együttható Egyesület) está buscando dos voluntari@s para el proyecto “A piece of my heart” . Objetivos del proyecto: Crear un espacio intercultural donde jóvenes en riesgo de exclusión puedan trabajar sus competencias sociales y comunicativas, aprender […]

This is why you should be a volunteer!

I don’t want to write cliches. I’d rather write about it than why I am a volunteer, what challenges I have, and what I have received so far from this whole experience. I would like to start writing about how this opportunity came to me. I think I’m a lucky person because my ex-mentor from […]